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#206 Dunsparce (Made from a Squirt Can)

And I still have no fluppin’ idea what this thing is. What is the distinction between ‘snake’ and ‘land snake’? Are those wings? WHAT ARE YOU, DUNSPARCE?

I’ve been getting into Flight of the Conchords lately. They are brilliant on so many levels. I’m all about subtlety in humor, and I dig their guitar playing. They’re quite good.

Check out my mate, Nick, or rather his SoundCloud page. He’s another guy who does remixes, except THEY’RE SO FRESH. He’s the best kind of person and he’s also a person who does remixes…but I covered that.

I wish I had more news to share with you, but I have yet to reunite with my childhood friends. It’s coming up soon, so I’ll make up a hypothetical story.

So, this one time, we could have gone to Peter’s house and we made potential cookies. It would have been a really great time when everybody was going to be there laughing and singing. We came close to getting really silly and putting frosting in each other’s hair. After that, we had the opportunity to go outside and start a fantasy fire and eat imaginary s’mores. Oh, what a grand time we might have had.

Our time together is growing thin. It always is. I wish upon you wholesome contentedness, quiet sleep, and friendly conduct. May your Christmas, Hanukkah  Kwanzaa, Candlenights, Festivus, Newtonmas, Movie Day (I’ll be seeing Django and Les Mis), or whatever me merry and bright. Unless you prefer the darkness. Then I hope it is dark.

As always, shameless plug. You can buy these things. $19 shipped until the 26th. Or vice versa if you prefer for some reason. Hit me up here if you’re interested.

Thank you for following, reblogging, liking, commenting, messaging, ordering, correcting, tolerating, loving, swimming, and waiting. I love you all a great deal.

I am not opposed to questions. I like sharing. And chering.

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#354 Bannette

Happy Something or Other!

Here’s a Bannette I made for my dear dear @kimbaaa . She’s a sweet gal with a swell blog.

If you’re home, welcome home. Please take this brief holiday to spend time with those you hold dearest. We’ve not got long for this world. Tell someone you love them. Please.

I read about a great game I’m most excited to try out. It’s called ‘Go!’. I’m sort of a shy guy when it comes to attracting members of the preferred sex. The game is played thusly: You’re at a social gathering with a group of friends (or alone for the particularly bold), and you find the one who catches your eye to the greatest degree. Once your target is selected by one of your peers (or yourself), you have to WITHOUT HESITATION approach them and start talking to them. If you hesitate, you have to do 2 push-ups on the spot. It sounds like it will either improve my shyness or my push-up count. Win win.

In honor of our inevitable demise at the mouth of Quetzalcoatl, I’m having a sale or something. From now until December 26 (what’s life without whimsy?) PKCNs are $15 plus $4 shipping. If you need them shipped by Christmas to give to your significant other or your insignificant brother, I need to know ahead of time.

So I was writing songs last night for fun (not to be confused with ‘fun.’) and I came up with a story which turned into a scientific theory, and then turned into a potential religion. It’s pretty baller, I must admit. I can’t decide in which medium to transmit it, but I’m feeling either novel or episodic blog. Or skywriting.

Anyway, may your days be merry and bright. I sincerely wish upon you the happiest of days. A word of advice: It sounds simplistic, but if you catch yourself in a down mood, take a walk. I’ve never felt worse after a 20 min walk. Except that time I got lost and hit my head on a toilet. That reminds me of the time I invented time travel.

My friends and I were to see the Hobbit again tonight, but the facebook group on which we communicate hasn’t been touched in hours. Meh. I’ll watch some Sherlock. (Yeah, I added that. I wasn’t simply tagging the Hobbit, but I did forget that story in my narrative.)

Take care. $15 PKCNS. New episode of MLP. Also a picture of a dag balancing a ball. Thanks for following and reblogging, and for your kind kind words.

P.S. I pinned this post. Sorry if it messes with your flow. I always wanted to try it. I feel like such a big shot. Also I lit a cigar with a burning stack of Blockbuster stock. Not for me, my dog smokes cigars now. I know it will kill him, but he looks so dapper.

P.P.S. I started a personal blog. I’m trying to divorce it from this one, so if you want the URL, message me.

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#382 Kyogre

Or 海 kai (ocean) and orca. And now you’re learning things. Good for you. Pat yourself on the shoulder.

I honestly hold that as one of my few life philosophies. Learn to get really excited over the small things. Like when somebody asks the date and you know it without thinking for very long, feel free to just say to yourself ‘I am the gatekeeper of time’.

Hey. Remember Kyogre? We had some laughs. If you’re like me (Like me, LIKE ME, like me, LiKe Me!1!, Like…me) it’s finals week for you. I have but one final left and I am very excited for it. I finished that sentence in autobrain mode. Sometimes when I write I just start thinking about something else and my hands finish typing in the most boring style possible. I had eggs for breakfast. No but that is a real thing.

If you have an iPhone, iPod touch, or an iPad, I encourage you to check out the app ‘Melodica’. I can’t stop playing around with that. It’s great. You hit some keys and it makes music and I like music. Speaking of music, Fun. released an iTunes Session the other day and it totally stands on its own. I paid for it. Yeah, I have the Internet and I bought music. Pat myself on the back there.

I should probably talk about PKMN or something. I’m checking out this Pokemon3D game. I haven’t started for fear that its a virus, but it looks neat.

I’ve started a pattern of training PKMN I wouldn’t normally train as of late. For 9instance, my White 2 version has an Azumarill named Aziz, and Arcanine named Arethra, a Lucario named Lucius, and Altaria named Aria, a Zoroark named Zander, and a Reuniclus named Ulysses. I like naming things.

Which reminds me. My friend, Megan and I have what some would call a band. Others would call it a fantasy, but we’re sticking with band. Anyway, it turns out the name ‘Valentigers’ is taken. That sucks because our high school was the Valley Tigers and it just merged so now they’re the North Tiger Hawks. So I pitched ‘Human Holiday’. If you have any good suggestions I won’t pick them because of the whole superiority complex but I’ll lovingly rip them off. (I hope the sarcasm came across in that sentence)

Mary, if you’re out there…you have a very generic name but a very pretty face. Tallia Mei, same message but reverse it.

Thanks for reading, looking at the pictures, and reblogging. Especially reblogging. Sometimes people haven’t seen these and they’re all ‘I’m glad this person reblogged that.’ And I’m all ‘Me too.’

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#197 Umbreon



#123 Scyther

This is the first PKCN (official abbreviation) I made. It’s Scyther, as is indicated a few times.

So, I have crunched the numbers. I thought long and hard about each can sculpture I’ve made. It started in my room on 56, then to Randy’s room. My home base right now is in my dorm.

Ladies and gentlemen…Absol, my most recent post, was my 170th can sculpture!

Now that that’s out of the way, I’ll go ahead and give this post a respectable text.


#123 Scyther (The Mother Can)

Ahh…the good old days. I made this one when I was going through a very sad time in my life. I had recently left a group of friends due to personal differences, and I was feeling pretty depressed (how awesome is this post?). I honestly just grabbed my roommate’s scissors and the hot glue gun I bought  from Menard’s and spent three solid hours forging this from a Mountain Dew can that my roommate drank.

I still have this can, despite having sold it in the past to my friend, Jimmy. I bought it back and replaced it with a replica.

I don’t think Scyther’s my favorite PKMN, but this is probably my favorite PKCN.

Anyway, the main central point of this post is…uh…I make sculptures out of pop cans, it’s my 19th birthday, and I’ve made 170 PKCNs to date.

Thank you all so incredibly much.

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#155 Cyndaquil (For Jewish Goomba)

Remember when I got my thousandth follower? Well, this one goes out to my 1000th on the nose.

I am giving two back to back sales presentations on Pokecans (note the lack of accent) at the end of the month and honestly, I’m a bit nervous. I feel so corporate. Don’t hold your breath, it’s for a conference. I don’t expect PKCNs to be appearing at Whole Foods any time soon.

It finally happened. I’ve been commissioned to do a DGCN. A Digimon. I shuddered at first, but I’m still totally psyched to make it.

Hey, what do you think of the slightly new flavor image format? Yes/No?

By the way, for legal purposes, the website and blog is called ‘poke cans’, as in ‘poke in the eye…with art’. If you’re confronted by the Internet police, tell them it’s just that and I won’t get Internet arrested. I know I shouldn’t worry, but I did a presentation on SOPA and PIPA and I’ve got my stomach in knots.

Anywho, here’s the second Cyndaquil I made. In case you’ve missed the pattern, ever since I’ve started putting duplicates into their own beautified posts, I’ve been regressing a generation for their flavor pic. IE, this picture of Cyndaquil is from Gen 4. Yes, I am doing that.

Thanks for following! I still think Totodile had the cutest voice of Gen 2 starters. Maybe Chikorita. KBAI



#063 Abra

Abra took a lot of dedication. The head shape and size were the biggest factors. That is until I pierced the stand so he could levitate. In the process, I cut open my index finger. Abra is definitely up there with Raichu on my favorites list. But I think I would consider selling it.

Someone somewhere…ordered a PKCN and my Abra. Well I was looking at my Abra today when I realized that I still have it.

So if that was you, me your info and I’ll get that to you.


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#105 Marowak

used BONE CLUB! Oh, that reminds me. If you’re planning on starting a PKMN themed bar or disco tech, the ‘Bone Club’ is not a winner. You can serve Dratini’s, Victini’s and Gyarados Equis, but don’t call it the ‘Bone Club’. Try ‘PKMN’ or ‘The Tipsy Tentacool’.

I need my caffeine fix. Believe it or not, it’s quite addictive. You can fight it and not have many problems, but naturally detoxing from caffeine is a bit tiresome.

I did something tonight that I haven’t done in years. I bought a pack of PKMN cards. Black and White version. Oddly satisfying, but I didn’t score any winners. Also, I was kind of hoping for a Gen 1, but apparently gen 5 packs are all gen 5 cards.

I’m going to score the food. I meant to type score ‘some’ food, but I’m going to interpret that as my brain coming up with a catchphrase. Thank you, brain.

(Open on a cool spring evening, a lone person sitting at a laptop. Suddenly, an envelope appears atop their hand. The subject looks left, then right, and nonchalantly opens the envelope. Written in beautiful handwriting is a phrase. The subject reads the message aloud): Thanks for following and reblogging! 

Also, Aaron Frederick, whoever you are, thanks for the penny! I enjoyed the confusion quite a bit.

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#131 Lapras (Photos by guest photographer, @Pikapup)

There’s actually a terrific story behind that. She ordered her Lapras, and then added a Dratini (not posted) and a Bellsprout. Apparently, I forgot to photograph the Lapras in the scuffle. Stupid brain.

I’m willing to repeat a few things I said on my fifth Squirtle post (and not the last).

Roommate made a track. Maybe I think too much of it because I heard it on an awesome sound system. I do know that the more views it gets, the happier my roommate is. That’s good for me.

Witty commentary…witty commentary. I feel as though ever since I started getting praise for being genuine, I tried to be genuine. Then I got kind of bummed. Then I realized that I can be totally genuine if I don’t censor myself. So! Here it goes! I’m saying thing in text form. I’m wearing flip flops and I don’t think this is very entertaining. That last sentence was in awkward sing-song in my head.

Thanks for following, reblogging, and sending money to charities. Come on guys, give peace a chance. It’s way cooler than the 80’s rock hand.



#009 Blastoise

My personal 2nd, 3rd, or maybe 4th favorite. I really like that Raichu. If my dorm got robbed, the first thing I would check for is that Raichu.

Anyway, I made this planning to sell it, but my roommate liked it so much that I gave it away in exchange for access to Netflix.

I thought it could use a reblog. What the hay?

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