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#643 & #644 Reshiram and Zekrom

I bet you weren’t expecting that. Hey loyal followers and those who forgot to unfollow me alike! It’s Dakota with 2 more PKCNs. I promise I took the usual photos of these, but my tablet must have deleted them. Or I can’t find them.

That handsome young roughigan is my Chinese little brother, Name Omitted. I’m in China for a study abroad program after leaving Orlando and pursuing my minor and future “career” of teaching English. I’m definitely not in it for the money, I’m in it for the lulz.

China’s great though. I’m staying in Tianjin at Tianjin Ligong Daxue, so if you’re here, look me up. I’ll say 你好 and make you a free PKCN.

I made one of the girls on our program a Pikachu that turned out pretty cool too, but I didn’t feel the need to post it.

Other updates on Dakota: Still Single (wink), Senior in College, Knows some Chinese, some guitar, and current Rubik’s cube record is 22 seconds.

If you want to chat, I’m on wechat as dakotathephillips. I’m no longer on facebook. I didn’t unfriend any of you, I just suspended my account. I still love you in the way that I choose to use that word.

So thanks for following, reblogging, and reading. I’m thinking about starting the old business back up. IDK…If this post gets over 100 notes I’ll post the Samus Aran I made a few months ago. If not, no harm done, I’ll just go work at a convenience store.

Much love, Dakota

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Thank you all so much.


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#304 Aron

I swear it looks better in real life than it does in the picture. Some of them do that.

Kimbra, your order HAS shipped. That’s past tense. Sorry about the wait. There’s an extra Ampharos in there for your patience. I like Ampharos.

I fly out Friday but I guess we covered that.

I would like to point out that while I have technically ended the current subscription to Pokecans (or whatever), I’ll still make them for the next two days. I’ll make them for $25 including shipping until Thursday, but after that I won’t have access to canning materials.

There’s my plug for any last minute funds I can scrape up before I start my internship.

I’m sort of out of material I guess. Did I tell you I started learning guitar? I think I’m learning at a decent pace. I really enjoy it. Also, I’m learning Chinese. So to all my Chinese subscribers “我不得不使用谷歌翻译。我不是在讲中国语言不够熟练。”

I’ll leave this one shorter. For the Ampharos/Farewell again post I’ll try to make it more interesting, but I just had a meal with my parents, brother, sister, and brother-in-law, so I am full and sleepy.

I’m going to cut up a Diet Pepsi Caffiene free and a Diet Coke can into models of the Daft Punk helmets.

Good night. May fortune shine upon your household.


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#376 Metagross

Imagine the craps that thing would leave. I don’t usually dig on gross humor but it seems environmentally hazardous to leave 40 lb. piles of scrap metal everywhere it goes.

Hey gang, back again. This time I’ve got three posts. This one’s Metagross (gross humor…could have done something with that), tomorrow’s is an Aron and Kimbra doesn’t even know what the third is. What I am willing to tell you is that it is my 3rd favorite PKMN behind Alakazam and Dragonair. It’s also my favorite Gen2 PKMN.

So I leave for Orlando on Friday. I’d be lying if I said I had butterflies. I’m feeling really good about the whole thing.

Let me share with you this though. Call it a parable of growing up. In high school (graduating class of 42, rinky-dink school middle of nowhere), there were 9 of that hung out.6 guys, 3 dames (is that sexist? I hope not. I like 50’s lingo). Anyway there was me, other Dakota, (pseudonyms from here out), Dalton, Levi, Paul, Zeke, Naomi, Alice, and Morgan. If you know their actual names you’d be laughing.

Anyway anyway, I’m moving to Florida, I don’t know where other Dakota is, Levi is working a factory job (here’s how I picture it), Paul is doing something with graphic design in Ames, Zeke is working in a show store, Naomi is and will forever be in New York, Alice is God knows where;but she’ll be running, and Morgan will be on tumblr hopefully looking for a job.

So the point is that we were inseparable. And now we’re separated. We went from cracking jokes over lunch everyday to seeing each other maybe over Christmas. It’s sad, but it’s inevitable. It you can’t let go from the things from your past, how are you going to embrace the future. And that’s how I’ve been hegemonized into accepting the loss of everyone I’ve ever loved, even if for a short time.


If I had to impart any wisdom on you it would contradict. Question everything, and seek out the most fulfilling result of every interaction.

Thanks for following, reblogging, and supporting. I appreciate it. If nothing else, give someone a nicer day tomorrow. 

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I found out that I wasn’t going to get my camera back for a while, so I took these with my phone.

On another note.


For those of you who don’t know, I bought this adorable Joltik from here, and it’s made from a soda can. Go check out the blog and order one for yourself.

Source: gengaaaar
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#571 Zoroark

This one’s for Vega. I hope your friend has a happy birthday.

It felt good to be back in my wheelhouse.

I wish I could write a more in-depth post, but I have astronomy homework due by midnight.

Oh! Hey! I need to come up with a topic that society generally doesn’t consider controversial, but it should. For example, we should attack shows like Spongebob because they instill the idea that work is necessary and that our life goals should be centered around a steady job and side hobbies. Something like that. If you come up with something brilliant, let me know. It’s much appreciated.

I got the internship as you all know. I need to email the lady at <other college here> but there’s something keeping me from doing it. Emotional inertia. There’s something keeping me from putting the last nail in the coffin. I don’t know. It’s stressful and stuff.

I went to Ames for Veishea. If you don’t know what those are, do some googling. It’s supposed to be an insane party. And I guess it was, but we saw the lesser side of Veishea. We saw a guy described to us as ‘The Regurgitator’. He did some weird eating stunts and stuff like that, but based on the description, I was expecting a guy on stage eating cake to the point of tears, and then vomiting on himself. I’m an easily entertained man.

Well, thanks for reading this post after my “last” post. You guys are still awesome.


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Good night, sweet prince.

My friends. I leave you with an empty chair at an empty table. Okay, it’s not as dramatic as the French Revolution, but it’s something.

It is my privilege and my burden to inform you that this is the last post of And as I type that, I’m sure there will be more. But there will cease to be a college student cutting pop cans in Iowa. In his place he leaves a college student participating in an internship an Walt Disney World from May 2013 to January 2014.

You’ve been so wonderful. You really have. I had no confidence in myself artistically and you all graciously boosted my ego.

I feel happy to be going on to better things.

I feel saddened that this goodish thing is more or less coming to an end.

I will continue to cut cans and post them here, but with no regularity at all. So feel free to unfollow. I understand.

There are so many people I’d like to thank, but your tumblr handles seem so distant. So I’ll thank the one follower who got to know me in some real form of life. Thank you, Kimberly. (I hold no resentment to any of the rest of you, I just felt she deserved a little gold star.)

If you want something made out of a pop can, my email is

Thank you for following. It has been fun, a blessing, an experience, and a small adventure.

May adulthood never steal away your dreams or ambitions.

Tearfully yours,



Just to expand my horizons. This way people won’t have to ask if I can make something other than PKMN. I love it and all, but 


Is just too good of pun to pass up. It’s corporate level punmanship.


  • Question: Could you make a charizard biting the head off of meowth? - thunderstreak
  • Answer:


  • Question: i love your pokecans but i think one of my favorite things about your posts are your long rambles about everything and anything that comes to your mind. it's wonderful. :) - youresobittericantasteit
  • Answer:

    Rambles? I’m pouring out my soul, here. Oh well. Thanks. Do you think if you bake Spaghettios you’d get Cheerios?